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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So my dear friends and sisters are at it again, getting married and all the works! As usual, they expect to hear from me latest a week and half after the occasion, and my customary question is “so, bawo ni things?” *wink!*.  And what I want to know is the sex part! “Are you guys discovering your own rhythm?””Are you trying out many different styles?””Have you gotten over the initial shyness?””Are you learning your body’s fire spots?”It’s important to me because it’s important to God. And there’s no shying away, why should you pretend like you don’t know what I am talking about when you think about it more times than you eat? 

Sex is one of the few very serious and life-defining experiences that are yet coated with a sugary appeal. Its fire in your bed, flame in your soul…melting bodies, heights of passion, muffled whispers and ruffled sheets. Yet it’s a covenant…a spiritual exchange, souls poured into one, a bond that binds; handwritings on your future! 

God is the author and originator of sex, not the Devil! It is God’s creative art and as long as the matter of man and woman remains, He holds the Sovereign Copyright for sex and sexual relations. God is the one who put hormones, bodily chemicals, sensual passions, and fervent cravings there! He is the one who made the man like a match, almost always about to light up and the woman, like the hot plate, ever needing to be warmed up before red hot! And don’t dare squint at me that way, because you can’t be more spiritual than God! Please and please!

You see, God owns the complete manual for this phenomenal experience and it is a sacred worship unto Him when you have sex and enjoy it…within the confines of His prescription. Sex is a ministry that a husband and wife must administer to each other in a great wisdom and ascending dexterity…in fact if your married spouse is unhappy about your sexual life; it’s likely God is very unhappy too!

It’s amazing how God has made a deeply spiritual transaction yet so pleasurable, I am persuaded to believe that because God needed to ensure that the divinity of sex is accomplished in marriage, he made it so beautiful that no one has a reason to miss out on the blessings it brings! There is more to sex than you think…there is a mystery in it that keeps your marriage, preserves your soul, covers your home, releases agape in your heart and fulfils the strength of your seed!

More truth be told, the impact of sex outside holy matrimony is as powerful as sexual covenant within marriage. Powerful, but in a different kind of way, for few things have as much power to steer the course of your life and taint the state of your soul like godless sex. It is more serious than thinking it’s only a mistake you keep making or fire down below that you can’t control. It is a first class affront against God that liquidates the capital of your future, dissipates your inner strength, blurs your strategic vision and weakens your grip on life!

Having said that, you know, like I do, that many scenarios play out and many times, the most painful tragedy are those caused by a lack of understanding. Before we talk about what’s wrong, we need to know what’s right! I promise you there are many sides to the story…and for the most part, we’ve only believed a lie.

So whether you’ve been sexually active outside marriage and don’t really mind, or you know God’s stance but can’t seem to help yourself, or you waited to get married before sex, yet it’s not what you hoped it would be, or you are married to the woman of your dreams and sex just rocks, or you are single and struggling with masturbation, or your sexuality has been violated and you hate the predator, or you are weeks away from wedding night and have no sexy idea of what to do….whatever your scenario, it’s time to hear what God has to say!

It’s time to learn God’s perspective about sex and a wide range of sexual issues, taught in a no-holds-barred style, and The Sex Series is here with a bang! Keep an open mind…no one is here to judge you. Keep an open mind…don’t think Christians don’t know how to do sex, hot and strong! Keep an open mind…what you would learn can change your life significantly. Keep an open mind…you need this more than you know!

So the Sex Series is a project dear to me and I believe in with all my heart. I have brought together the special teachers for this first edition with great excitement, because they would show you stuff!!!

See the topics for the edition and our teachers:
Pastor Segun Obadje , Senior Pastor, God’s Love Tabernacle International shares on the Spiritual mystery of sex.
Pastor (Dr.) Funke Obadje would teach on Preparing to unveil (getting virgins ready for the wedding night) – Female Edition and the Journey back home (God’s thoughts on chastity after losing virginity)
Pastor Peace Toluwade, Ungodly mindsets about sex and how to break them
Pastor Dotun Arifalo, Pillow Talk (learning to communicate about sex with your spouse) and I want sex, she wants flowers! (The differences in how men and women view sex)
Pastor Dupe Osho Akinsiun, Becoming whole again (finding your way out of sexual sins)
(Dr.) Gbenga Adebayo, Preparing to unveil (getting virgins ready for the wedding night) – Men’s Edition
Pastor Taiwo Odubiyi, Healing for my wounds (getting over sexual abuse)
Pastor Vincent Arifalo, I keep going back (mastering the struggles of fornication) and Porn, Sex and God (what pornography does to your soul and your sex life)
Praise Fowowe, What’s God’s plan for sex? /Why fornication isn’t good for your soul
Wale Funsho, What’s wrong with masturbation?
Bolanle Daniel - Enang, Sanctified Sexuality (for Single Ladies)
Doctor Gbenga Adebayo, Achieving sexual intimacy in your marriage/ The Sex Graph (the climax curve and how to manage it)
Pastor Muyiwa Areo, Sanctified Sexuality (for Single Guys)

To be part, check out the Sex Series Blog or the Sex Series Facebook Page every day from June 2011. 
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With passion for pure, red-hot, unselfish sex within marriage,
Debola Adeoye


  1. great!!!! we await the edition running fully!

  2. I cant wait to read the series. Sex is one topic that believers shy away from and yet the lack of it is recking a lot of homes.

  3. cant wait 4 this to fully unveil......great one

  4. Good work, my sister...
    It's about time we had this in Christendom

  5. hmmn, now i really need some help! does marriage revolve around sex? what's God's primary purpose for marriage? please help me by answering these questions. thanx and well done!!